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  1. Fantastic to hear. Yes Iím happily plodding along...

    Fantastic to hear. Yes Iím happily plodding along here Bradly, I too have had asome quick turnaround times lately.
  2. Hi Bradley, I was just going through some of my...

    Hi Bradley, I was just going through some of my old posts, how did you get on with your system, have you moved into day trading as yet?
  3. Good Luck there Bradley, I admire your enthusiasm.

    Good Luck there Bradley, I admire your enthusiasm.
  4. I’ve misplaced their phone number and was on here...

    I’ve misplaced their phone number and was on here so figured I’d ask. I appreciate the help. I’ve not been with them for that long, about two years in total I think. However I’m not an everyday user...
  5. I have been completing the back up procedure, so...

    I have been completing the back up procedure, so if I simply use the upload function to complete this process then all of my logs won’t have disappeared? I was thinking I would have to manually input...
  6. Please help! - My RVS Closing Price System data gone after Windows 10 upgrade

    I’ve just completed a Windows 10 upgrade on my laptop and have lost all of the data for my RVS Closing Price System. Can anyone please advise on how to reinstate this? Cheers
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    Enable HTML syntax checking?

    I've mentioned before that I really like how Komodo detects inconsistent line endings and puts little squiggles under the offending lines. After I fix the error, I get a little check mark in the...
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    Sterling Pro in Demo mode

    Just installed Sterling Pro platform in DEMO mode,
    I can see lvlII real time, can make simulated trades for few tickers like QQQQ.

    Configuered the Hot keys so I Buy on BID, and Sell on ASK....
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    Sigma sd Quattro

    So what lead you to the Quattro instead of another mirrorless option?
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    So, how dead is antivirus exactly?

    Not dead at all. A lot of the reason why they think it's dead is because the nature of infections is changing. But we've heard this before. Back in the 90s it was all pattern analysis, which...
  11. How do you create this "Black Mirror" effect in Photoshop?

    Apologies for the formatting issues.
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    Removing apps

    Double-click on the add/remove programs icon in your control panel and uninstall the application through there.
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    Tradestation 8 & Tradestation 2000i

    Tradestation 8 is the latest product and requires a $99 per month subscription and $50,000 liquid assets

    Tradestation 2000i is a standalone product that does much the same thing with add on's etc...
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    Smartphone Scams on the Increase

    As was to be expected with this exploding market, malware writers are taking full advantage of human nature.

    As this report emphasizes, it is vital that...
  15. DVD Drive disappears, and now ISOs won't mount?

    Since this required a registry edit I usually will save this as a last resort. If mistakes are made while editing the registry it can result in an inoperable computer.

    I'm glad this worked for...
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    C/C++ which compiler?

    What is GCC =Quote

    The GNU Compiler Collection includes front ends for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, Ada, and Go, as well as libraries for these languages (libstdc++, libgcj,...). GCC was...
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    Google is acquiring Meebo

    Originally Posted by kendall.a
  18. [Android] Firewall for non-rooted devices


    Originally Posted by Anupam
    Can you explain this a bit more? VPN-based is a term to describe its working, or...
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