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Thread: Please help! - My RVS Closing Price System data gone after Windows 10 upgrade

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    Please help! - My RVS Closing Price System data gone after Windows 10 upgrade

    I’ve just completed a Windows 10 upgrade on my laptop and have lost all of the data for my RVS Closing Price System. Can anyone please advise on how to reinstate this? Cheers

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    I had a similar scenario some time back when I did the same. I simply used the backup file which I save each month to reload the data into the program. Do you have a backup file saved?

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    I have been completing the back up procedure, so if I simply use the upload function to complete this process then all of my logs won’t have disappeared? I was thinking I would have to manually input the information all over again so this is a relief

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    Yep it’s that simple! They would have told you this if you’d contacted them directly I’m sure. How’s it all going with the system – are you a new user?

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    I’ve misplaced their phone number and was on here so figured I’d ask. I appreciate the help. I’ve not been with them for that long, about two years in total I think. However I’m not an everyday user so do forget things from time to time. As much as it works well I’m retired so my interest in earning money isn’t what it was, nor the need to do so as high! I really signed up just for fun to be honest. I’m still clearing at least 2 trades per month – I figured I’d do less trades with higher values and I get an alert when they’ve hit 10% so I just wait for these and then do the necessary : )

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    Well if it works for you why not! I’m definitely more of an everyday user, with my desire to earn still burning strong. I do intend to move into day trading on the back of this so it’s full steam ahead for me.

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    Good Luck there Bradley, I admire your enthusiasm.

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    Hi Bradley, I was just going through some of my old posts, how did you get on with your system, have you moved into day trading as yet?

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    Hello Armando, I am still close of day trading with the RVS Closing Price System, my account manager has suggested I look at the day trading option in around another 3 months which is exciting. Things have been looking really good lately though, I made 17.65% today on a stock called IGE. I’d only had it since the 15th so happy with that. I’ve had a lot of successful quick trades lately which is great cos I can use the money again to reinvest. How about yourself, still taking a laid back approach?

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