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Thread: Help please! RVS Trade Assist Portal data lost during Windows upgrade

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    Help please! RVS Trade Assist Portal data lost during Windows upgrade

    I have just upgraded my windows to version 10 on my home computer and have lost ALL data for my RVS Trade Assist Portal. Can anyone please help me restore it!? Thank you

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    I actually had the same problem a couple weeks ago when I updated Windows. I kept a frequent back up thankfully. Do you have a backup of the data from before the update?

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    I have been doing back ups. So if I simply use the upload function then everything will come back? I was thinking I was going to have manually input everything again, so that's a relief!

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    Yep it’s as easy as that. How’s are you getting on with the portal – are new to it?

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    I appreciate your help, cheers. I’m quite new to RVS yeah, about 12 months I think. I don't trade every day though, so do forget things. As good as it is, I’m 75 so my interest in earning money wasn't my motive. Really I just signed up just for fun if I'm honest. I usually do at least a couple trades each month. I decided I’d just do less trades but higher potential returns. It gives me a notification when I've hit 10%, so that's what I follow.

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    Well why not, if it's performing well for you. I trade every day myself, with the need/greed for money at it's peak. I plan to move into day trading in the near future.

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    Ok well best of luck to you Bradley, I wish I had your determination.

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    Hi again Bradley, I was going reading through my old comments and came by this thread. Did you start day trading - how is it going?

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    Hey Armando. No, I'm still only close-of-day trading with the RVS trade assist portal. My account manager has recommended I look into day trading soon though. Things are going so well with my current set up so I didn't really want to fix what ain't broken. I made almost 18% today on IGE and I’d only had it since the 15th. I’ve had a few successful quick trades lately.

    How about you, how you getting on?

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