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Thread: Lenticular print software

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    Lenticular print software

    Hello everyone!
    Does anyone know a free software for making 3D Lenticular prints?
    I've found some on the internet but they are expensive.

    Thanks in advance

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    Lenticular print software

    Of course you know that it's not something you can just print on your standard printer.

    It's pretty specialist so I'd recommend connecting with whoever is going to be doing the printing.

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    Lenticular print software

    I am going to do the printing and it is possible to print them with a simple inkjet printer and laminate it afterwards. I am just looking for a free software to interlace the images.

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    Lenticular print software

    Cool, had no idea... We've always sent anything like that out of house. Can you link me to the laminating part, sounds interesting.

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    Lenticular print software

    Just write that down in youtube and you'll have loads of tutorials
    " Lenticular laminating "

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    NetSecNow is an excellent channel on youtube. Also on youtube you can find Florida State University's Offensive Security class videos.

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    It actually prevents me from getting into trouble

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