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Thread: CWL Quick Trade System – Importing CSV's

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    CWL Quick Trade System – Importing CSV's

    Hi there. I am using the Quick Trade System (from CWL) and I am having an issue uploading CSV trading data. I keep getting an error telling me that the file is in the wrong format.

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    Have you spoke to support at CWL? They should help you out. They’ve always been very helpful with technical issues for me.

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    I haven’t asked them yet, no. The trading data is supplied via a different company (CWL provide the software), so I assume CWL wouldn’t be able to help me with this problem I’m having.

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    The data is supplied by a different company, but using the data with CWL’s trading systems is a common occurrence and CWL work closely with the data supplier. CWL’s tech support are fully knowledgeable of the integration and can/do provide support for your issue.

    You’ll probably get through to tech support and get this resolved, much quicker than waiting for a reply in this forum.

    I found that once they helped me to get set up initially I've not had to change anything and it works fine every time.

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    Hi ronnyman.

    I use the CWL Quick Trade System too.

    What exactly does the error message say, when you try to upload the trading data to the system?
    PM me and send me a screenshot if you like and I’ll try help you out. Also, send me the CSV file that you’re trying to upload when you get the error.

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    Thanks Chris! Much appreciated!

    Could you message me with your email address? I don’t think it’s possible to send files via this forum’s private messaging system.

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    Got your email and I’ve sent the file that I’m trying to upload, as well as the text in the error message (I couldn’t figure out how to screenshot it, sorry :@ I’m not very technically talented.)

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    Hi again ronnyman.

    Upon receiving your email attachments, I can see that you are not the most technically talented haha!
    The file you are trying to upload to the quick trade system is not a CSV file. It’s an Excel file ( .xls ). This is why you are getting that error message from the CWl Quick Trade System.

    It must be in CSV format. The files downloaded from the data site are CSV files. You must have somehow converted it to an excel file, before you attempted to upload it to the trading system.

    Download the file again, and try uploading to system again (making sure the file ends in .csv).

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    Yes, I remember now that the first time I downloaded the file, I opened it in excel (just out of interest, to see what trading data looks like). I must have accidentally saved it as an excel file after that and then tried to upload that new file.
    Thanks for your help! Bless you.

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    Hello. Sorry to hijack your thread, but I’m currently considering buying the CWl quick trade system and came across this thread when searching for info on Google.

    Are you all happy with your purchase? Does it live up to it’s expectations? What returns are you seeing, if you don’t mind me asking?

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