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Thread: Text-RPG maker

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    Text-RPG maker

    Hey, I've started an open source Project, called RPGwriter.
    It's a program that lets a user put together a text-based RPG without writing code. (Think of RPG maker without the graphics)

    The only problem is, I'm not sure how exactly to set everything up. I'm used to C++ programming, but Windows programming is new to me. Does anyone know a good place to start?

    I'm willing to work on smaller projects to learn while still slowly progressing on RPGwriter, I just want to eventually put the whole thing together.

    Any ideas?

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    Text-RPG maker

    'm not exactly sure what you mean by making a distinction between C++ programming and Windows programming, but I wrote an RPG maker once and it worked fairly well. A basic starting point is figuring out where your worlds are stored:
    - store data in a database? In a bunch of files? In a single file?

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    Text-RPG maker

    Here is basically my experience when I wrote my RPG maker. I decided to mix all three methods:
    - Everything was stored in a database. I had an "Environment" table which held the worlds.

    - My Environment table had three fields: X, Y, and Level. This basically served the purpose of a multidimensional array. I wanted to define each level as 2-D grid, and I wanted to have muliple levels / maps.

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    Text-RPG maker

    My method was fairly convenient, because it meant I could have a house or some other object occupy a single space on my grid (perhaps X=1, Y=4, Level=0). When a character enters the house, it would enter a new level (the interior of the house) which could be as big as I wanted. The house might occupy a 20x20 unit space that the character could explore, and I didn't have to adjust the space or positions of objects on my main map

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    I had an "Environment" table which held the worlds.

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