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Thread: Trade in Mobile App or Web App?

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    Trade in Mobile App or Web App?

    Generally, is it better to trade using a broker's web app running in your desktop browser, or is the native iOS mobile app better? Unfortunately, there is no broker here in the PH that offers a Java desktop application much less .Net or OS X apps, so that's out of the question. It's either a web app or a mobile app.

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    Trade in Mobile App or Web App?

    Better in what way? Usability? Convenience? Security?

    These new fangled brokers are mobile-first and (at present) are mobile-only:

    They are also zero-commission businesses but that's probably tangential. The thing is, they are targeted at a different demographic to the active day trader that probably wants/needs charts and more detailed pre-trade analytics and analysis - and that is better done on a larger display via a browser or desktop application.

    Then there are brokers that have both browser and mobile offerings. The mobile app being good for monitoring positions etc. on the go but the browser for more involved interactions.

    Difficult to answer your question without more specifics.

    Doesn't Interactive Broker's TWS work in PH?

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    Trade in Mobile App or Web App?

    Better overall, but most especially in speed and reliability. Stated differently: would you rather trade using a web app, or a mobile app?

    BTW, the reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to figure out how much weight I should put in a broker's app offering when choosing brokers.

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    Trade in Mobile App or Web App?

    It depends on if YOU are actually going to be mobile yourself frequently, or if you're going to be in a desktop environment for most of your trades. I certainly wouldn't sit there trading from a tablet or phone if I had access to a desktop with a large monitor, that's for sure. But if my time was significantly split between a desktop environment and being out and about, then I would definitely give the mobile app some pretty heavy weight.

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    It's either a web app or a mobile app.

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