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Thread: App Developers needed!

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    App Developers needed!

    Im a 21 year old currently taking a year out of uni to raise funding to get an app of the ground with promising prospects. I have about 8 friends from different universities doing the exact same thing. Now all that's missing? The tech guys!..Our last tech team just fell through due to arguments between the developers so we've dropped them because they're slowing us down to much.

    I'm thinking about investing some serious time to learn to make an app myself as I have some experience in the field, but really we want to start building a team who are good at what they do!

    Basically, if app development is up your street, there may be some shares in some pretty great ideas for you & If you don't want the shares well..the money is waiting to be spent.

    So all in all, I'm looking to start a business with a group of developers, might just be able to create something special if your feeling up to it.

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    App Developers needed!

    I rarely see management ditch the team. I've done both sides now and while I do know that everyone wants the apps by next week or end of the day, unless the app is simple (which if management tells you it is, it's a bad sign) the team can need graphic artists and sometimes a composer.

    Be sure to hit up Daniweb to post there and make your payment terms clear

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    App Developers needed!

    I'll be sure to check out the site.

    Group dynamics were not right due to personal issues between some of those involved.

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    App Developers needed!

    is there is any online tutorial for app development?

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    App Developers needed!

    I'm finding new developers are sadly unaware of search engines. Can you tell me how a software or other developer got this far without using those?

    That may explain why I see unemployed programmers!

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