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Thread: Windows 8 getting a bit slower

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    Windows 8 getting a bit slower

    Hi I have got a Packard Bell computer with Windows 8. I got the computer in July.

    It used to take about 16 seconds or so to go pass the message and onto area where I could enter the password and log in.

    It has been getting slower for the last few days and now it takes up to 20 plus seconds.

    I have defragged, removed temp files and I have done a virus check.

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    Windows 8 getting a bit slower

    As Microsoft issues patches and your antivirus adds more things to look for the boot time will slowly increase.

    At under 30 seconds I would not fix this but understand it's normal.

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    Windows 8 getting a bit slower

    Thanks for the answer. I could not find this anywhere else.

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    Windows 8 getting a bit slower

    I tried Windows 10 last year soon after I got the computer but the boot time was getting slower every time I logged on.

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    Windows 8 getting a bit slower

    After Microsoft stop supporting XP I finally had to purchase 8.1 Windows operating system. My system ran great and very fast. However after upgrading to Windows 8.1 my PC ran about 5 times slower. And the slow functions I'm referring to are not based on my internet connection. To Simply recognize a disc took 11 - 12 seconds. I think Windows 8.1 is trying to do so many things I haven't asked it to do, it has trouble doing what I tell it to do.

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