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    Mafia III

    I completed Mafia II and had withdrawal symptoms soon after - felt like I was only sratching the surface of a wonderful world. The story was great and I liked the ending simply because it wasn't an ending at all - and that's the point. Once you get into the crime business you can never get out and every time you fix one problem you create two more.

    After watching the Mafia III demo I am hyped. The sound design is amazing, the animations are brutal and so well done. I love how jacked Lincoln looks and the way he moves. The city and interiors look gorgeous. They've capture the 60s well with the score music, fashion and culture and it looks really immersive.

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    Mafia III

    I know there wasn't any side missions in Mafia 2 but I kind of liked that because I could focus more on the story and I loved it, really looking forward to Mafia 3.

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    Mafia III

    Yeah loved mafia 2, loads of atmosphere from the era, really good.

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    Mafia III

    Mafia is probably my favourite game ever. Mafia 2 I wasn't in love with si hope the third goes back to its roots and not a gta in the prohibition era.

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    New trailer and a release date of 7th October. Looks really good, can't wait.

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