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Thread: Best multi-computer backup?

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    Best multi-computer backup?

    So for years I have been using Crashplan and I have been very happy with it. I back up two MacBooks and one Windows 10 desktop to it and it has save my bacon multiple times. The last six months or so, however, the sheen has worn off. On my Windows desktop it eats up RAM like there is no tomorrow (about 500 MB when idling) and on my MacBooks it keeps having connection issues. I have tried support multiple times and while they are always very helpful and will fix the problem, the fix does not last. Frankly, it is getting tiring and I am looking to switch.
    So, Verge-ers, what do you guys use for backup?

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    Best multi-computer backup?

    I keep my important stuff in cloud-synced folders (OneDrive and Dropbox, OneDrive for office documents since the saving/syncing is quite nice built-in into Office). Sure, that may not be the ultimate safest solution but it syncs my files to the cloud as well as between my computers. Not likely all of them gonna break at once except for perhaps on Judgement Day.
    I used to use a p2p file sync program that worked via the internet without cloud, it was a free program from Microsoft, but unfortunately they killed it and replaced it with SkyDrive. It was awesome. No space limit and server-independent. Somehow I can’t remember the name right now. I tried using Bittorrent Sync which is supposed to do the same, but at least at the time it was not reliable. Perhaps nowadays it’s better.

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    Best multi-computer backup?

    Can’t edit on the verge, I remember the name now, Live Mesh. Why they had to kill it off, why.

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    Best multi-computer backup?

    I use a combination of iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive for syncing, but I like to have a proper backup solution beyond that. I am paranoid about data loss (learned the hard way) and through my work I have some data that is basically irreplaceable (things like oral histories and the like), so safety is a must.
    I have tried various peer-to-peer type syncing solutions too, but for one reason or another I have never gotten them to work properly since the now defunct Live Mesh. Still wonder why MS killed that.

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    Oh, you also used Live Mesh. My only explanation is that at the time they tried to push their OneDrive and someone thought removing a free product that does something similar (and depending on the use-case, better) would help that cause. Pure speculation though.

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