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    Trading analysis

    Apologies if you've seen this before but this looks quite a neat little product:

    I'm in discussion with them about adding interactive brokers.

    This is a cloud service so if you're paranoid about someone reverse engineering your trades (which as I've said before I don't agree with) not for you.

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    Trading analysis

    Now I'm a little confused about what exactly this does? I was hoping it would do something like analyze your trades based on what would happen if you didn't exit, what would happen under different R:R ratios, etc, but all it seems to do is analyze fees and track your deposits/withdrawls??? What am I missing?

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    Trading analysis

    If you log on as a demo user you can see the features it offers. But yes, it doesn't do any of the fancy things you say.

    Hey - calm down - it isn't my product and I have no connection with these people. It's clearly a beta product and perhaps if you make suggestions they will add these things.

    Personally I'm grateful for anything I get for free.

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    Trading analysis

    If anyone reading knows of such a tool, I would love to hear. Its incredibly tedious to manually go through each trade and see how it could have worked out if an exit wasn't where it was. I know that platforms like Ninja offer MAE, MFE and that ETD metric which tells you how far away your exit was from the most favorable exit, but all of this is based on your exit. It would be nice if there was software that took your entry, and figured out the ideal stop/target, and then "curve" fitted this with any other trades. I know when I do this manually, its incredible to see how a simple tweak of stop or target can greatly affect profitability.

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    Trading analysis

    By the way you may have confused exit with entry? MAE and MFE pertain to performance subsequent to entries not exits. MFE and MAE does exactly what you say you look to do. It looks at your entry and gives you a metric how profitable/unprofitable your position was prior to your exit. MFE and MAE get you valid metrics even without the knowledge of your exit. You can set a specific time stamp, post entry, and poll MFE and MAE.

    But I get what you are trying to do and as said above, if you have a customizable platform you can code it yourself, the optimization, necessary, might consume significant resources, especially when you have several hundreds/thousands of trades you look to analyze.

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    Anyone know the best option to paper day trade? Don't have a broker that offers PT in Australia without funding minimums. Basically need 2m,5m,10m live charts so I can manually excel spreadsheet it.

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