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Thread: Instagram's change of stance - to appease advertisers?

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    Instagram's change of stance - to appease advertisers?

    I'm deeply disturbed by Instagram opening up non square photos. The feed just looks wrong with vertical photos gaining way more prominence in the feed compared to the rest. I can't help but think it's a way to appease advertisers as they're gonna be opening it up for them soon - a vertical ad will get way more prominence that another square in a long list of squares, is what I believe.
    Anyway, tried to do a couple of tests anyway to see how tall you can go. Doesn't seem to unlimited, but don't know the restriction. Wide, didn't seem to be a problem though. Tried uploading a 2048x768 photo and a 768x2048 photo. The landscape one gave me zero crop but the vertical one didn't. So it's not unrestricted, at least. Screenshots below as to how they were adapting.

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    Instagram's change of stance - to appease advertisers?

    Hmm, I’m not a fan either. I was never a fan of people putting borders around their pics, anyway. If I want to post a landscape, I use Flickr. The restrictive format of instagram gave it it’s charm.
    Maybe you’re right about the advertising thing. Perhaps it’s also a concession to so-called ‘professional’ photographers (though why they use instagram in the first place is beyond me)?

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    Instagram's change of stance - to appease advertisers?

    Because Instagram is the most visible social network for photos? And you typically like to go where people are — which is on Instagram — not point them somewhere else.
    I like posting full photos. I like posting photos to Instagram because that’s where my audience is, and that’s where I get the most feedback and conversation unlike Flickr or 500px. The square restriction was novel for what IG was in its infancy, but now that it’s large and a more ubiquitous platform for photography it’s adjusting. Just a few weeks ago 500px revamped their app to be more social and utilize the full-size photo; so the interest is there. Bringing Instagram in line makes sure they remain on top.

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    Instagram's change of stance - to appease advertisers?

    I don’t think this is the case. I take Instagram at their word that one in every five stories were modified in a way to fit a non-square image into Instagram’s square format. I know I regularly used SquareReady and SquareReadyV to compress images and videos.
    Here’s a screenshot of my personal photo library. Lots of pics formatted to fit in the square frame

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    Instagram's change of stance - to appease advertisers?

    I produce branded social content for a living (I know), and there is very little from this update that changes my outlook on the platform.
    The Carousel ad unit excited basically everyone I work with, and this update barely caused them to look up from their desks. Likely not going to change much on the ad front. Maybe brands will trend toward using portrait photos to take up more vertical space on a screen? Movie trailers in full frame instead of square crop? Beyond that, I’m really not sure why this would attract advertisers that weren’t already on board.

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