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Thread: how can I stop this process

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    how can I stop this process

    Hi. I just have one (hopefully simple) question. I uninstalled Secunia. however I can hear my computer running something so I checked in the task manager and there is psia.exe*32 running. I would like to know how to permanently stop this process, please & thank you

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    how can I stop this process

    Have you right clicked on the psia etc in task manager and selected kill process ?

    Do it restart if you reboot ?

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    how can I stop this process

    Open the Control Panel, find this application, tight click on it and select delete.

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    how can I stop this process

    hi. thank you for the prompt response. so I went into the task manager and killed the process. it did not reappear after that. previously I was too scared to kill a process because of the warning you get

    I couldn't delete it from the control panel because it was already uninstalled so did not show up in the control panel.

    another question if I may - what isMS compatibility telemetry?

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    how can I stop this process

    Glad that worked for you.

    MS compatibility telemetry......Telemetry is an automated communications process by which measurements are made and other data collected at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring. in other words its reading all your data from the hard drive and sending it off some where to be dissected , stored, sorted into some sort of order that can be put to use by MS and other third parties.

    That is a basic sum up......there is a mountain of info in the BC Discussion area of windows 10....

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    The subject is covered ad nauseum all over the internet.

    I stopped using microsoft operating systems completely, ....I object strenuously to their invasion of my privacy.

    I now use Linux on all 6 PC's

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