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Thread: Downloading unFREEz

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    Downloading unFREEz


    I attempted to make this thread in the Guides section, without realising. I came across a post and I didn't follow the breadcrumbs properly, so I apologise to any mod/admin for that.

    I am not certain about the policy of bumping old topics, but in this one I tried downloading unFREEz but the link expired or was deleted. Is it possible to download the programme from any safe site? Please don't provide links to - and in general people shouldn't download from - these sites, which contain potentially unwanted programmes:

    SourceForge; and

    I have been a victim, and the latest time my browser blocked a download because it contained malware.


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    Downloading unFREEz

    Hi Campo

    You can download unFREEz for free from it's developer website below.

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    Downloading unFREEz

    How about from the developer? Which is where we recommend people download from.

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    Downloading unFREEz

    I wasn't certain who the developer was, plus when looking online it attempts to give you download sites in the results instead of the website of the developer. I thought it would be safer if I checked on here. Thanks again.

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    Downloading unFREEz

    I Googled "unFREEz", and the first result that was returned was the developer's website

    And no problem Campo, you're welcome!

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