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Thread: Batman:Return to Arkham

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    Batman:Return to Arkham

    Let's hope it comes out this time.
    But, truth be told BAK has soured my fondness for the games and I may not get them as a result.

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    Batman:Return to Arkham

    No, but there have been some terrible remasters in the past.
    Plus this is WB coupled with the trend of cheap and nasty remasters to make a quick buck..... It shouldn't ned to be said, but wait for reviews before you pre-order, if there's one series we should have learnt this from, it's the Batman games. (Not fun to say after the first two were so amazing)

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    Batman:Return to Arkham

    They are completely remastering it on unreal engine 4 so I don't think this is quick and easy. But yes waiting on impressions first and bummed that origin wasn't included.

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    Batman:Return to Arkham

    exclusive to EB meaning 69.95 with no room to budge. good price if you never played either before, but otherwise not really worth it

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    Batman:Return to Arkham

    Decent price. Remasters are typically much cheaper than standard games are. But EB exclusive ugh.

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