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Thread: Keep receiving "Script Errors" on various websits

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    Keep receiving "Script Errors" on various websits

    I do not know if this is the right place for this problem or not, if it is NOT then could one of the Moderators please move it.

    My problem I am posting about is: I get Script Errors on various websites. It does NOT happen all the time, but when it does happen it raises all kinds of havoc with my computer! For example just a few minutes ago I was trying to read an article on after I clicked from an email I received. The webpage I was on when it began:

    I was on page 2 of the article and was scrolling down to read further when I started to receive the script error message. I clicked to stop the script. I started to read further down the page again, I again received the script error message. I again clicked to stop the script! I then went to click to go to the next page and I again received the same script error message! I again clicked to stop the script!! This time it froze my web browser! I tried to click a check mark for "Do not ask again" and clicked stop script! It froze the webpage! and my web-browser! I tried to click "debug script" and that froze my computer for a few seconds! SO I clicked: Ctrl +Alt+Delete it took about a minute to bring up the screen, I then clicked "cancel". I tried to close the web-browser but was unable to! I tried closing the web-page I was on and was unable to! I even tried to close the other Tabs that were open and was unable to! So I was forced to restart my computer!

    This has been going on for a while. It affects several websites at various times. It happens when I am on fantasy sports pages, it happens when I click on news articles on my home page, even happens when I click on a news article or story on MSN/Hotmail home page, click on a news article on my AOL home page, occasionally it will happen on Facebook fantasy sports, and other webpages.

    Java is up to date, Adobe is up to date, and all of my programs are up to date! The only thing that I can think of that might be causing this is an "add on" in Firefox that has been disabled due to vulnerability issues. that add on is: Java Deployment Toolkit 8.0.910.14 version

    Here is the webpage on Firefox about the add-on:

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    Keep receiving "Script Errors" on various websits

    I'm fishing here, does your Firefox have NoScript and other security extensions, plugins, etc.?

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    Keep receiving "Script Errors" on various websits

    Sorry I am very late in responding to you, but for some reason I did not get a notice that someone had responded to my topic!

    From what I can see in my Firefox "add-on manager" NoScript and other Security extensions, etc. are not listed, just the usual plugins. I would post a screenshot, but not sure how to post it so you can see it.

    I am still getting script errors on various websites. Just wondering if it could be related to Windows No longer going to support Vista in early 2017 and some companies no longer offer support for their programs that operate on Vista! Also some programs/add-ons are no longer getting updated because of this.

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    Keep receiving "Script Errors" on various websits

    Are you getting the script errors if running Firefox without add-ons (Safe Mode)?

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    No I did not get any script errors while in Safe mode. At least none that I noticed. However while on Microsoft's user support forum for Outlook because I was having major problems since their new "update" because My Firefox Web Browser constantly kept freezing and giving me "script error" message; where the URL or website/webpage address is listed! I saw someone suggest about: open the menu tab in Firefox, then click "options", then click on "advanced", then uncheck the box: "use hardware acceleration when available", then restart Firefox. That has helped a LOT!! So far I have only gotten a couple of script errors: one on one website and it did not return and one on another website and it did not return, when normally I would have gotten a lot more! And over the past 2 days I have gotten hundreds if not a thousand because of the New Updated Outlook email. So hopefully that has fixed one of the causes of the script errors! Whether or not it is "THE" Fix or not, that is yet to be seen.

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