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Thread: PNG to JPG

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    PNG to JPG

    Any recommended websites or software to convert a png picture to jpg?

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    PNG to JPG

    Gimp,, is a full fledged imaging programming, that is also freeware and doesn't install any pesky PUPs when you install it.

    You can load a .png (or just about any other image format) into Gimp, and export it as a .jpg (or just about any other image format). Make sure you opt to export, as saving an image just saves it in a proprietary file format that only Gimp can open.

    Gimp might be more capable than what you are looking for though.

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    PNG to JPG

    I have been using Fast Stone for several years

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    PNG to JPG

    I was a little leary of Fast Stone, on account of it's name being so similar to Fast One, but it seems to be a pretty handy little program.

    I also scanned with MBAM after installing, and no PUPs or malware were installed along with it.

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    PNG to JPG

    I use FastStone when I take photos of an event like a wedding, wrestling match or band competition.

    Rename, resize and add a watermark or logo to thousands of pictures at once.

    I use for creating

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