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Thread: training software?

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    training software?

    Hi , is there a software who can be used for training? i want a software who can put trendlines patterns automatically assuming its possible to do so , i want it to include all popular chart patterns and if its possible i want it to test my knowledge with questions based on different patterns and charts , i want to get a feel about how real trading using technicals looks like.

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    training software?

    I've read several posts of yours.
    And, my friend ... You get it wrong.

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    training software?

    What exactly i get wrong? i cant jump from books to demo , i have learned a lot of stuff but i still need to practice it and see it in real action and also question myself if i understood it correctly , how am i supposed to do that?

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    training software?

    The only software you need is a platform.
    Like Ninja Trader, Interactive Broker or whatever.
    That would allow you to trade in Simulation or for Real.
    Drawing tendlines & patterns is fast & frugal. No automation's needed.
    But what's absurd is that you want Questions & Answers about them ...
    You're not training for an exam here. This idea seems ridiculous.
    Especially that you want to get a feel about how trading's like.

    Even a child could draw lines & patterns over a chart !!!
    And he could as well link some pattern with their consequents !

    What's hard is handling uncertainty !

    What's hard is to handle Errors.
    Which is divergences btw expectations & reality.
    Knowing that ERROR has infinite variance and is chaotic.
    Markets are fuzzy, dynamical, psychologically disturbing & Co.

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    training software?

    You'll be very surprised to see that ...
    A pattern morph actually into an other one !
    Or that the consequences aren't really what you've learned !
    Textbooks case happens, but more often than not, it's a real mess.

    My advice is to learn a pattern then trade it real time, 100 times & more.
    Keep an eye on the Reward:Risk. How often you lose. How much ?

    Expectations is debiased right on the battlefield.
    Sharpen it. Study how market moves & how to manage your Risk.
    I Mean ... How to get better expectations & how to win big & lose small.

    A pattern is simply an Antecedent followed by a Consequent.
    It's price / market driven. Humans "recognize" them, for the worst or not.
    If lemons are squeezed then you can assume to collect some juice.
    But not every lemon are juicy or squeezable. See ?
    Not every squeeze is the same neither.

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