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Thread: MS 16 error message

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    MS 16 error message

    I recently downloaded MS 16 on my pc with no problems. However, when downloaded to my laptop, I cannot open files, there is always an error message stating . 'Sorry, something went wrong and word was unable to start. (22)'

    I am sure there must be a conflict with elements of previous word 2013 but Try as I may I cannot find anything still lurking there. Does anybody know the meaning of--- 22, which must be a clue. Advice sorely needed -thanks

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    MS 16 error message

    Just curious.
    What is a MS-16?

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    MS 16 error message

    My crystal ball is getting a workout :-)

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    MS 16 error message

    My crystal ball is being RMA at this time. Don't know when I will get it back or replaced.

    When I Google MS-16 I get all kinds of things and none of them are Microsoft Office.

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    MS 16 error message

    MS-16 is the next generation of jailed former MS-13 gang members.

    Next gen Cripps will be Cripples and next gen Bloods will be Bleeders

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