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Thread: "ArcSoft Connect Daemon has stopped working"

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    "ArcSoft Connect Daemon has stopped working"

    Hello, first post here. My pc has become very slow (guess you've heard that before). Hoping you guys can offer some help! Don't really know where to start so I'll begin with the pop-up I get when I start my PC. It is from MW & states "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

    PC: HP Compact Presario SR5710F
    OS: Windows Vista Home Premium (up to date)

    I have run through the MS Fix-it-Center with no help. I have Malware Byters, CCleaner, & Norton Security Center installed, none have helped.
    How to procede?

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    "ArcSoft Connect Daemon has stopped working"

    I personally would disable it in Services.

    Search for "services.msc" and run it.
    Locate the ArcSoft Connect Daemon service, right click on it and select disable.
    Reboot and check if the error is gone.

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    "ArcSoft Connect Daemon has stopped working"

    "Disable" was not an option when I right clicked on it. "stop" was so I clicked on that, rebooted & I still get the same pop up.

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    "ArcSoft Connect Daemon has stopped working"

    First right click and "stop" the "ArcSoft Connect Daemon service" and after that double click it and choose "disabled" (or "manual") in the window that opens.

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    "ArcSoft Connect Daemon has stopped working"

    Open "msconfig", can you find anything in the "startup" tab related to "ArcSoft"?
    Please uncheck it there and see if it cures the problem...

    If this doesn't help I would uninstall it (just the "ArcSoft Connect Daemon service") because it has no real essential function!

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