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Thread: Do you create everything from scratch?

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    Do you create everything from scratch?

    Curious about this one. Back in uni, unless I was doing something with stock images, everything I did I drew out myself. I'm not too good in Illustrator, that's still a bit of an ongoing learning curve, but I generally used that to come up with something myself.
    A friend of mine - who is now working in the industry - often used royalty free stock vectors/templates/resources etc. save him drawing out something himself. Do any of you guys do that?

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    Do you create everything from scratch?

    Simple tip for business...
    if you can get something to save you time for a few quid (or cheap) which does the job as good or better than you can do it yourself, while allowing you to complete the main job on time/early for more money then it's a no brainer lol
    You do it yourself of course

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    Do you create everything from scratch?

    Sometimes it can happen to bump into very generic, cheap, and quick gigs which don't require a particularly customized work. Exclusively in cases like this, stock resources may be convenient.

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    Do you create everything from scratch?

    I use stock stuff a lot. Whether it be photo's, vectors, patterns etc.
    I'm not a photographer, or an illustrator so why would I attempt to create them? It would take me an eternity and they would look terrible.
    Personally I don't think there's anything wrong with using stock pieces in your work as long as the final composition at the end is original and fit for purpose.

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    Do you create everything from scratch?

    Nothing wrong with using stock images as long as it fits the style and saves you time without costing too much money. Though if you can do it yourself then it's worth doing so.

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