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Thread: Best programming language to learn...

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    Best programming language to learn...

    Evening all!

    I have been studying/working in IT for some years, but programming is something that has never really interested me, I am starting to realize that it is probably the way forward, they are trying to start kids learning it at such a young age etc, I should probably start doing something about it myself!!

    I am looking to learn a programming language that is, sort of the most "widley used" and that would be the most benificial to learn, my issue is that it is hard to keep my concentration for long periods of time, but I will need to give it a go!!

    I am not really interested in learning PHP, HTML, CSS etc, but other programming languages, I am up for, things for application development or something where i can actually see things happen!

    Any advice in regards to the best way of learning, software, what I will need etc would also be greatly appreciated when you offer your programming suggestion.

    Thanks very much!

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    Best programming language to learn...

    Personally i would be learning VBS/VBA and batch file scripting first because as you said you have been working in IT for some time.
    These 3 come in handy many times of the day and will work with all Windows versions currently being used (XP > 8.1 etc) and office versions.

    Then i would move to something more advanced for creating specific software in VB.NET or C#.
    Find a use and then create it.

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    Best programming language to learn...

    Thats for the advice, anyone else have anything to contribute, just so i have a few different potential routes

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    Best programming language to learn...

    I second that. VBS/VBA, VB.NET then C#.
    You never know when you might have to fix a line of code in an ms office macro or fix VB script used for applications that run over a network from a domain controller when you're out in the fieldLearning it now will save you headaches later. Plus it will get you ready for building windows form applications, etc in visual studio.

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