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Thread: Shopto offering credit (

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    Shopto offering credit (

    I think this is a good idea! In fact, I may do this for the PS4.

    Interest free for 36 months, and you can choose your deposit and time length - i.e. 100 deposit, and then 21 over 12 months or 41 over 6 months. Use the calculator on the site to work out a plan.

    Sound good?

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    Shopto offering credit (

    Not a bad idea at all for those on a budget.

    Usual finance rules apply of course, no students (which is a bit unfair since some are decent incomes) and a minimum 16hr employment.

    Imagine not everyone will get offered interest free

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    Shopto offering credit (

    The interest isn't too bad anyway. If you pay upfront the max amount you can (95) and chose the 12 month option for the PS4, the interest only amounts to like 30, which is pretty reasonable and you only pay 20 odd a month. I won't be doing it, but it's a good option - even for people who can afford it but don't want to pay so much at once.

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    Shopto offering credit (

    Why wouldn't you be eligible for interest free?

    I think I'll do this - 95 deposit (use money I'll get at xmas to pay this off) and then 21 a month for 12 months

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    Shopto offering credit (

    Looks good. Shopto are going to be very popular

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