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Thread: Change time from BST to GMT

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    Change time from BST to GMT

    I'm in the UK and we've just gone from BST timezone to GMT.

    The issue is that my Windows 10 laptop is still in the BST timezone and therefore is an hour behind. How do I change it to GMT?

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    Change time from BST to GMT

    Windows + X
    Control Panel
    Date And Time
    Change Time and make sure you're in the correct time zone ( you can ensure that the change over is automatic whilst you're changing the timezone)

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    Change time from BST to GMT

    You can right click on the clock and select Adjust date/time, then switch to the appropriate timezone.

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    Change time from BST to GMT

    I agree with all three posters about how you set the clock but it doesn't always work !

    I too live in the UK and, running Win 7, my timezone is set to UTC + 00.00 (London, Dublin, Portugal etc.) but every so often it jumps an hour to UTC + 1 which puts me somewhere in the Atlantic West of Ireland. I just re-set the time on the clock. Oddly, since I dual boot with Linux Mint, the Linux clock always shows the right time or at least I have never noticed it to be wrong.

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    Change time from BST to GMT

    Chris's issue is easier to explain, and I can't say if it relates to The_Codesee's issue, but it might get us thinking along a suitable path.

    Windows adjusts the underlying BIOS hardware clock(the RTC) when it thinks it has traversed into or out of daylight saving time. It also keeps a note of whether it has already done it. If you have two OSs, and they are both making that adjustment then you can imagine a certain confusion.

    Look at (but don't fiddle with) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\TimeZoneInformation
    Values Bias, (basic TZ offset to UTC), DaylightBias (Offset to Bias when DST active), ActiveTimeBias - Sum of the previous two representing what Windows thinks it's currently set to.

    I'm assuing it uses those settings to decide if it has already adjusted the Bios RTC.

    I assume that if either OS can get NTP, it might further muddy the water, but I'm not sure of how the interactions mght present themselves in Chris's case.

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