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Thread: Chrome making connections to

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    Chrome making connections to

    I was checking my network activity from Resource Monitor and noticed chrome sending data to Looked it up and it seems to be an address associated with Plug & Play devices. What I would like to know find out, is if this is normal. I can't remember if it did it before, but do I need this? What is it actually trying to do? I made a post in networking and was linked info about svchost making the connections, but not chrome. Any help is appreciated

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    Chrome making connections to

    Here is some info that should get you started; In addition, I suggest that you hop over to the malware section and have one of the staff check you out. It won't hurt.
    You can also try disabling this in your host file, it's worth a try. You can always roll it back if it causes problems.

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    Chrome making connections to

    Thanks for the info. I don't think its malware, had then check me out a month ago an got the all clear, and the amount of data is too small. Question I would ask is do you see something similar?

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    Chrome making connections to

    No, not on my machine or any of the others. I use Firefox, so maybe it's a Chrome thing?

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    Maybe it is. Maybe something to do with chromecast?

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