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Thread: Need new FREE Photo Editing Program

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    Need new FREE Photo Editing Program

    My MGI PhotoSuite 4 got recently deleted because of some malware (by Kaspersaky) so I now need as new FREE photo Editing program that will work with XP Professional. I was used to Photosuite 4 so I wany something simple.

    I don't need anything too fancy or complicated. I really only need to crop, rotate, lighten or darken and probably delete some things from the picture.

    I have heard of Gimp, Fast Stone and Photo Bucket. Any suggestions from those who use these programs before I dowmload them all? Thanks a lot.

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    Need new FREE Photo Editing Program

    Gimp has a kind of a large learning curve. I have no experience witht the other two. You may want to take a look at I have not used it but it gets good ratings.

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    Need new FREE Photo Editing Program

    Chasys Draw is FREE, and the nearest you will get to Photoshop without the huge learning curve, it's also a very well laid out program and has a good looking interface:

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    Need new FREE Photo Editing Program have just released their latest version and now it seems closer to PS than ever before. Loads of plug-ins too, lots of them free. It's a very good piece of kit indeed!

    edit...sorry I failed to read your post thoroughly....not sure if it works with XP.

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    Need new FREE Photo Editing Program's webpage seems to indicate that Win7 is the earliest version of Windows it's guaranteed to work on.

    You might want to try Irfanview, which definitely works all the way back to XP.

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