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    vb 2010 express help

    Hello all, new to programming so please feel free to assume I don't know much!!! Here is my question: I am writing a program in VB 2010 Express, for a friend who runs an Auto shop. I want to assist him in his invoicing, and financial tracking. As of now I would like to either have a text document that has a starting Invoice # and then increment it each time he prints an invoice, and then save it, so it can be accessed again and incremented again. My other thought is to (not even sure this is possible), but to create a dynamic variable withing the program itself to store the beginning invoice number, then "delete" it as a new number/variable would be created for the next invoice then save the newly created variable containing the new invoice number.
    Any suggestions/guidance is MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

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    vb 2010 express help

    If you want to assist him in financial tracking, then I would strongly recommend pointing him at one of the many awesome and full featured accounting packages available, such as Quickin or QuickBooks. It's going to take you far less time to learn and explain to him one of these pieces of software than it is going to be to write equivalent functionality yourself. Plus, if you go with a vendor like this, you're getting a well known and well tested piece of software.

    No offense to your coding ability, but if you're new at writing programs, I'd not be trusting my money or my customer database to your code. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with lack of a track record; think of it as something like a "credit history" -- you may be a responsible debtor but credit card companies don't trust you until you show them....

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    vb 2010 express help

    No offense taken!! LOL!! One of the factors regarding this decision is that it would take him longer, and be extremely more confusing/frustrating for him to learn a program as "complete"/ complex as Quicken (he struggles with computers/software). This program simply allows him to tab through and enter data that needs to be calculated & stored in text files, so at the end of each month they have their data in a form that THEY can use. I'm not printing/displaying any reports at the end just simple text docs with all their totals, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. I have the program written all ready, (except the storage into documents part) and the Invoice number part, and just need help with this particular piece.

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    vb 2010 express help

    The easiest way to do this would be to keep a separate directory to store the files. Then when getting ready to save a file, count the number of files in the directory, and add 1 to the number of the save file. No need to store a variable at all.

    From a practical standpoint though, using a date might be a bit more helpful in the instance one wants to retrieve a particular invoice.

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    vb 2010 express help

    I had considered just using the system date/time as an invoice number..hmmm..might be the quick way out ..Thanks

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