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Thread: WIndows 7 Fresh Install Questions.

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    WIndows 7 Fresh Install Questions.

    With my CyberpowerPC that I'm using which is out of warranty, came a Windows 7 Disc who's label information I'll quote below. My somewhat complex yet very important question is this. If my current HDD dies & I replace it with a new one, upon inserting the OEM Windows 7 disc into my optical drive, do I simply just re-install onto the new HDD or what?

    Disc Label Information: "The software included on this recovery Media was pre-installed on your hard drive at the factory and may only be used for backup and recovery of your Cyberpower, Inc. computer system. Performance of the software is the sole responsibility of Cyberpower, Inc."

    The only reason why I'm concerned at all is due to other different yet related advice I received on the Microsoft forums. I've become somewhat scared to ever perform a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 because it's an OEM version. Which apparently is tied to the Motherboard in such a way that it results in massive complications.

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    WIndows 7 Fresh Install Questions.

    I'm sorry, but I don't see how this relates to me. I'm not trasferring any thing. All I want is the latest updates that were erased when I did the so called "system recovery" I'm not re-installing.

    Again: Is there any way to just download the missing updates? Nothing Else!

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    WIndows 7 Fresh Install Questions.

    Windows the updates you want installed from those presented.

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    WIndows 7 Fresh Install Questions.

    To the OP: by all means just reinstall and use the key from the label on your PC or whatever valid COA you have for that machine.

    I doubt you'll have any issues reactivating. If you do, post back and we'll help you out.

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    WIndows 7 Fresh Install Questions.

    Awesome, I'll just keep using my current HDD then & if it goes out will replace then. Thanks, you've saved me some money that probably didn't need spending. It's not showing any signs of failure yet, I was only concerned at all because it's 61 months old at ~15 hours of use a day.

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