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Thread: Windows Live Mail error message - "A problem occurred.......

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    Windows Live Mail error message - "A problem occurred.......

    My apologies if this has been gone over before,but i'm asking this in desperation (almost) !. I used Outlook Express for years when i had Win.XP on my old PC without a single problem. In the last 18 months,since i've had my new PC Win.7 Home Premium 64 bit. i've had to use Windows Live Mail & it's utter c**p !. Almost every day without fail,when trying to send or open an e-mail,i get the rerror message attached.
    The only way i can get Live Mail to send or open any e-mail, is to log off & re-boot my PC ,which is a PITA,especially as when a few months ago,i was taking part in some pretty lively correspondence on line.
    Is there a definitive cure for this problem other than switching to another e-mail system ?. I've searched the I/net for a solution,but all i find are
    boat loads of others with exactly the same problem & no answer & definitely no respose from Microsoft.
    I would get rid of Live Mail & install another mail system if only i was sure that i wouldn't make a total mess of it as i'm not 100% PC literate.
    So,any serious advice will be deeply appreciated, Attached Files

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    Windows Live Mail error message - "A problem occurred.......

    Unfortunately, that error message is pretty generic -- without some sort of error code, it's hard to troubelshoot.

    You can try going to the Start menu, select Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features. Select Windows Live Essentials from the list of programs, select Uninstall/Change at the top menu bar, and then select Repair all Windows Live Programs.

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    Windows Live Mail error message - "A problem occurred.......

    Hello - Thanks for the info.,but i've done the repair thing so many times without success that i've simply quit doing it. WLM always comes back ok after a re-boot,so i'ts not a huge problem, except for when it stops working in the midst of an e-mail 'discussion' such as happened a few months back. ''error code'' - i understand your point,but where would such a code appear in Win.7 ?.

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    Windows Live Mail error message - "A problem occurred.......

    Go the the Start menu. In the right side menu list, right click Computer and select Manage. In Computer Management, open up Event Viewer. Look in the Windows logs and the Applications and services logs for any errors involving Windows Live Mail or Window Live. If you find any (they'll have red circles with in X in them), open them. There will be the error code, and sometimes a description of what exactly went wrong.

    If you can remember when these errors occured, you can search by day and time of day for these error logs.

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    Windows Live Mail error message - "A problem occurred.......

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    Many thanks for your help. I did as you suggested & looked back at 'events' spanning the last 3 months when the WLM 'error' must have occurred dozens of times, & there wasn't a single WLM or WL 'event' to be seen. I have over 43,000 'event's logged, but having seen the lack of results for the last 3 months,there's little hope of seeing any relating to the WLM 'error' spanning the 18 months i've had my current PC. My conclusion is that WLM simply stops performing 'some' functions such as opening or deleting 'saved' e-mails,whilst other 'new' e-mails are handled with no problems. I will however look at any event logs immediately after the next 'error' occurs to see if anything is logged at all,

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