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Thread: Help New Realtick!!

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    Help New Realtick!!

    Hi guys and gals, I am new to the forum, this is my first message.
    I have been using Realtick for a while now (2 years). I have been using vers.7.5 happily and successfully. Well, I was notified that 7.5 will not be "supported" anymore. So I downloaded the new 7.7 vers.. OMG!! What is with the candlestick charts and bar charts. They have become very, very Fat and squatty on 15, 30 min etc.... charts. I called repeatedly to tech support,
    and they keep telling me thats the way it's supposed to look. Well I freakin
    hate it!! The techs there say they don't know what 7.5 looks like. Bull*&^%!
    7.5 does not have this (they say feature) I call it a complete waste of programming code.If anyone out there is having a similar problem please help. If I am the only one, fine, but I can't see how such a popular program, can do this. Some times my candlesticks are a half inch wide. How does this help anyone?! This is so lame!!! Thank You.

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    Help New Realtick!!

    Hi, I may have the solution to your problem concerning the width of your candlestick charts. Right click on the chart and then go to display. In the display menu you will notice a box entilted "per width" set that to "1" if it is not currently. Click Ok and you hopefully should have the minimum pixel width for your candlestick charts. If that does not help I don't know what else will. I would then have to ask you if you're working off of a low resolution monitor or an old video card 8 meg or under. Hope this will help your situation. Shoot me a PM if it does not.

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    Help New Realtick!!

    The fat candles might be due to the #days in the chart.

    If there are only a few candles in a chart
    the program will stretch the candles to fill the whole chart box.
    This results in the fat candles.
    By changing the number of days this can be prevented.

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    Help New Realtick!!

    This is also another possiblity as well. Sittas is entirely correct make sure you dont just have 5 days on as that will do what he says if its a daily chart view.

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    Help New Realtick!!

    Thank you guys so much. I will try this when I get home. You guys were
    way more helpful than Realtick Tech support. I will let you guys know.
    Thanks again!

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