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    For Honor

    Anyone interested in this game at all? I was skeptical at first but was able to get into the closed Alpha over the weekend and mess around for a few hours, and while it's far from perfect, and there's a fair amount that can be criticized, it has definitely piqued my interest. I'll be posting a review video in the next couple days of my overall impressions, but for now, here's a quick montage I threw together of some 1v1 gameplay.

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    For Honor

    Cool stuff. I've been interested in the game since first hearing about it in the spring. Hopefully there's a good single-player campaign, but I'm definitely looking forward to sticking my sword through other players, too.

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    For Honor

    Ya, pretty much the clip that made me want to make a montage.

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    There's a beta sign up link in the description of the video. Not sure when it goes live though. Probably Dec or Jan if I had to guess.

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