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Thread: Easiest way to avoid Win10?

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    Easiest way to avoid Win10?

    I have a Windows 7 Machine with auto updates turned on. I've seen all this crap about it auto downloading and sometimes installing shit. Is there a simple, easy way to stop this crap? I'm afraid that one day I'm going to turn on the machine and it'll be running 10. I do NOT want 10.

    This shit infuriates me to no end. If Apple were a viable option I'd be on there in a heart beat.

    I'm actually afraid I've already started the install of 10 and I'm too far along. This shit is fucking retarded. Fuck you microsoft.

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    Easiest way to avoid Win10?

    Unplug your ethernet cable or turn off your wireless. Doesn't get any easier than that.

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    Easiest way to avoid Win10?

    I don't recall Windows 10 as a required update for Windows 7. The worst scenario is to backup your files and do a fresh install of Windows 7.

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    Easiest way to avoid Win10?

    I think the simplest way is to just avoid clicking on the Upgrade Icon that sits in the tray. For now Win10 is not a forced upgrade. This is the advice I give to relatives and others who have 5+ year old desktops which the upgrade for them would be a lot of pain / annoyance with very limited benefit.

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    Easiest way to avoid Win10?

    The problem with that is I think Microsoft is going to keep pushing the contents of the update in all updates going forward. So literally every time windows updates, it will push that W10 nag. So either you can A) Go without support and turn off updates, or B) Hide the icon and deal with the nagging.

    I gave in and installed W10. I figured I can't stay on 7 forever and I don't like 8.1.

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