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Thread: System crash while trying to use Paragon HDM15-Pro

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    System crash while trying to use Paragon HDM15-Pro

    Hi, my name is Jacob, I'm a new member, just bought Paragon HDM15-Suite that was upgraded to HDM15-Pro.
    While starting to use this program I managed to mess up my PC completely so that it does not boot.
    Therefore any help provided by the members would be greatly appreciated.

    Following is the pre-problem status of my PC:
    Intel MB DG965WH, Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, all drivers and BIOS fully updated
    1TB HD (WDC WD1002FAEX) NTFS Hybrid Dynamic MBR partitioned: 100MB System Reserved, 175.6 GB System, 755.7GB Unallocated
    320GB HD (WD3200YS) NTFS single partition cleanly formatted empty.
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate fully activated and fully updated (in addition to lots of cleanly installed and updated programs).
    All data was removed from the computer in preparation to the process of upgrading to Windows 10.
    A 250GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO was bought designated for the target OS.

    The plan was to Migrate the OS to the SSD. Then Migrate it again to the 320GB HD for backup.
    Verify that the PC can boot from all 3. Then make the SSD system disk, format the 1TB as data disk
    and keep the 320GB as external backup.

    Since the Migration process was not feasible with the HDM15-Suite I decided to Upgrade to Windows 10.
    Later I planned to Migrate it to the SSD. The windows 10 Upgrade went smoothly and successfully.
    Then I got the HDM15-Pro and there all my problems started.

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    System crash while trying to use Paragon HDM15-Pro

    I installed the HDM15-Pro with the original partitioning and Win10 and an empty SSD.
    Activated the program and following the Paragon instruction first converted the HD to Basic (from Dynamic).
    Then without exiting tried the Migrate OS. It failed saying "No OS detected" (while the program was running under Win10).
    Then I tried to make the system disk on the HD "active" (without exiting) and tried again to Migrate OS, same result.
    Then I tried to perform a verification of all the file system on the HD.
    Only at this moment I detected the "Apply" button on the toolbar (not mentioned anywhere) and "lo and behold" pressed it.
    The program required a restart, the PC restarted, did some stuff by Paragon, tried to boot and died.

    The black screen says:
    Intel Boot Agent GE v1.3.24
    Intel Boot Agent PXE Base Code (PXE-2.1 build 086)
    PXE-E53: No boot filename received
    PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.
    No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key

    I know that the description is very detailed, but I hope that some of you out there will go to the trouble of reading it,
    and maybe something can be done to solve the problem.

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    System crash while trying to use Paragon HDM15-Pro

    It is not clear what was the structure of the disk after you upgrade to Win10. And that is the disk now. You have the Rescue Media (eg Paragon HDM), and you can boot from pendrive/CD/DVD?

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    System crash while trying to use Paragon HDM15-Pro

    First let me thank you for dedicating your valuable time reading my post and even more responding to it so quickly.
    I didn't have a Rescue Disc because couldn't build one after installation on the PC that crashed (wrong parameter selection).
    Had to install the program on another PC and then I managed to create HDM.

    I booted the crashed PC with the HDM and I am in front of it right now, with the following status:
    Basic Hard Disk 0:
    Primary partition, Active, File system not specified, Size 100MB, Name System Reserved
    Primary partition, not Active, NTFS, 176GB,System
    Primary partition, Free, 756GB (unallocated)

    Correct Windows installation detected, N:1, Partitionisk0/Partition1, Status:B, Root:Windows, System:Win10x64
    I performed all the possible corrections offered under: "Boot Corrector" with Successful indication.
    Tried to boot after each one but still the same results as of this moment.

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    System crash while trying to use Paragon HDM15-Pro

    All is finally well.
    Did correct the boot problem with the HDM.
    After the system booted OK I performed the Migration of the OS successfully to the SSD.
    Verified that system booted OK from the SSD.
    So all is well that ends well.
    Thanks again of your assistance.

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