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Thread: Logo - Furniture company

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    Logo - Furniture company

    Now think about it....

    and read...

    Hey, Guys!

    I'm creating a logo for my own furniture company. We will produce bespoke quite unique but simple furniture.
    I wanted a simple but interesting logo. The one that you can cut in steel or stamp burn on a price of wood.
    Please tell me what you think. Because I've got a feeling that it still needs this one or two adjustments to look perfect.

    What do you think about font?

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    Logo - Furniture company

    It probably needs more than one or two adjustments...
    element spacing, kerning, hierarchy, font, line weight, less forced justification....

    I get the table thing. And the FF. But the whole thing is just a little too full of air space on top of a totally crushing foundation.

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    Logo - Furniture company

    Great answer, that's what I wanted to hear, no BS, straight to the point! I'm working on it. I will upload something better when I finish

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    Logo - Furniture company

    Ok, could you please have a look and let me know if there's any progress in the right direction?

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    Logo - Furniture company

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