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Thread: GlobalServer: manually deleting symbol/data

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    GlobalServer: manually deleting symbol/data

    I run TS2000i on Windows XP. XP runs as a virtual machine under Parallels 9.0.24251 and OSX 10.9.5. I use eSignal as my data feed. This is a setup I have used for perhaps ten years.

    Several weeks ago, I began having problems with GlobalServer. Its window gets painted with the list of (futures) symbols, almost entirely CL, but then gets locked up. Eventually, trying to shutdown GS results in a Not Responding message.

    However - once in a great, great while, it all (almost) works. I can even download missing data from eSignal using their plug-in. The "almost" caveat is that even then, the live data is not making it into GS and onto a chart.

    I suspect a corrupted symbol or corrupted data for a symbol. On the rare occasions when GS is "almost" functioning, I have deleted several ES and NQ symbols. When I try to delete the suspect symbol, the operation is never completed. (I even let it run overnight!)

    The next time I manage to get GS to its "almost" state, I will try to use the Run Nightly Maintenance function.

    In the mean time, does anyone have any other suggestions? Specifically, is there some way to manually delete a symbol and its data by "massaging" one of the files under the Omega Research folder or subfolders?

    Further notes: 1) I have reinstalled TS2000i. 2) I am in the States where 2000i is no longer supported. Thanks in advance.

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    GlobalServer: manually deleting symbol/data

    Can you post any screenshots of the issue and have you been running GS on Parallels for a long time ?

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    GlobalServer: manually deleting symbol/data

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    GlobalServer: manually deleting symbol/data

    I have been running this hardware/software setup since June 2007 with various upgrades of Parallels and OSX along the way. None of those upgrades have occurred in the last year or longer.

    I will work on the screenshot portion of the question and include in a later post, but I fear there will not be much information there.

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    GlobalServer: manually deleting symbol/data

    How much data has been acquired by Parallels as there may be a limit when it is running XP?

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