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Thread: Adventure Vs RPG's

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    Adventure Vs RPG's

    I am a current student studying Creative Media and Production and as a task I was informed that I would have to create a game.
    After completing a range of research about the market I am still having problems in deciding which genre of game would appeal more to my audience of teenagers and young adults ranging from 12-21.
    Should i choose:
    - An adventure game where the player has to complete a range of levels in order to unravel stories, explore worlds and solve puzzles.
    - A Role Playing game where the player can see the world through a different characters eyes in order to complete a range of different tasks.
    Your advise would be much appreciated

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    Adventure Vs RPG's

    Technically both of what you described are very similar to each other. By those descriptions alone, you could call a game like Super Mario World both of those kinds of games on the surface.
    What kind of RPG are you trying to make? I would imagine that an RPG would require a lot more work as there is more to the mechanics unless the movement restrictions are very simple a la JRPGs with no jump mechanics or constant direct world interaction.

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    Adventure Vs RPG's

    Adventure and RPG are so closely related. RPGs are adventure games.
    It’s the distinction between types of RPGs that’s really worth noting. ARPGs, JRPGs, SRPGs.

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    Adventure Vs RPG's

    When you get into these different classes, you really have a discussion.

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    Adventure Vs RPG's

    I personally prefer SRPGs, like the classic Final Fantasy Tactics.

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