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Thread: Email ringer?.

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    Email ringer?.

    Wondered if there is an application or setting, where I can have WINMAIL ( windows 7 default email program)...make a tone or sound whenever a new email arrives. I have 3 computers running, and I am in another area and need to know when a new email shows rather than going back and forth to check. Is this possible?

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    Email ringer?.

    This will show you how to turn on or off Windows Live Mail playing a sound when new messages arrive. ...
    You may have already found the above in Google?

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    Email ringer?.

    Thanks...let me give this a try....

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    Email ringer?.

    I did see the options...were a bit different than the link, but did have the check mark in SOUNDS when new email shows. I guess what I would like to do is have some sort of an announcement of new WINMAIL by sound, tone,etc. when ever I am on the internet or just sitting idle at the desktop screen. I can get tones with new mail, but it only tones when I open the WINMAIL program in Windows 7.

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    Email ringer?.

    Maybe the above is not possible, just would make life much easier than having to open windows winmail to see if I have new emails,etc. Do you see a way of doing the above...thanks again.

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    You have already looked in Control Panel --> Sound --> Sounds? Many, but not all, programs plant its sound choices in that area, usually under the program's name.

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