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Thread: Xbox One Community chat

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    Xbox One Community chat

    So, for those who are getting an Xbox One let's discuss what were looking forward too in here.

    For me I'm interested in the new tech they are introducing including the Kinect 2. I know a lot of people don't like it but I'm interested to see where the developers take it now they know all owners have one. Even simple things like voice commands or scanning your face can have so much potential.

    Oh and I'm looking forward to Forza 4, that game just looks amazing. 40% slower than PS4? Meh! Just look at that game

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    Xbox One Community chat

    Oh and one of the main purposes of this thread is to try and get some of the Xbox DS community back together.

    Years ago, during the MW1 beta days this forum used to be full of great people but then the console wars started, lots of threads going out of control, so a lot of people left.

    I'm just worried that is where this forum is going again for the few Xbox owners here and just wanting to get some Xbox love going again

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    Xbox One Community chat

    I think we've needed this thread.We are a minority on here. We had a good community on here a point didn't we?Feed the Reaper,Minnimo ,Heavy Voodo, Kristbait, Woodsmonk,Brass Dragon,roguebrogue1, tombigbee,JediScho, HolySinner as well as many others. We had some good times during the early xbox 360 days.

    One of the things i'm most looking forward to is the Joypad .It looks amazing, can't wait to get my hands on it.

    I'm hoping that they take XBLA games to another level next gen. Some of my greatest gaming has been on the likes of Trials HD, Full House Poker, Sine Mora, Castlevania:SOTN and Minecraft. It will be very interesting to see if i can play a quick game of Uno or blast a level on Trials HD while i'm waiting in a lobby on Forza 5.

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    Xbox One Community chat

    Talking of the Mw1 beta. It would be brilliant if TitanFall has a Beta early next year. Could be fun.

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    Xbox One Community chat

    Those were the days. Shame the Sony brigade chased most of them away from here

    Just noticed I said Forza 4 in my opening post, I of couse mean Forza 5.

    Yeah the new joypad does look very sleek. Do we know if it takes AA batteries again or will it be like the PS3 controller with it's own built in?

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