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Thread: free photo editor

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    free photo editor

    I am looking for a free photo editing program like Picaso or old Kodak systems. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    free photo editor

    A site that I've used for online editing (assuming that's fine) is Pixlr.

    The two options they have are:

    • Editor
    • Express

    The editor is similar to Adobe's Photoshop.

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    free photo editor

    The express is typically used to adjust colors and apply effects, as well adding borders and adding text.

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    free photo editor

    If you are going to be editing a lot of images I would recommend GIMP, I use it all the time and can do a lot of things Photoshop can but GIMP is free to use.

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    free photo editor

    Another program would be although I rarely use it. If you want an online one like Daydreamed mentioned then one I use very occasionally(used to more often) is however it does have some paid features, but plenty of free ones too.

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