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Thread: Nintendo Switch Discussion Topic

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    Nintendo Switch Discussion Topic

    It kinda blew my head when I realized there's not a topic dedicated to the upcoming Nintendo platform arround here, so I thought it totally deserved one.

    For the most distracted ones, the codenamed NX is an upcoming console being developed by Nintendo, and it's said we'll be presented with it on March 2017.

    Many rumors are arround, but one thing is official: the console will be something different of what we're used to see on the gaming industry. Then, some say it'll come back with the cartridges instead of CDs, it'll have backwards compatibility with the Wii U and even the 3DS, it'll be an hybrid platform being the controller an handheld console, or even that it'll run Android system.

    Here's one of the countless links of reliable info you can check out to get more into the subject: http://www.techradar...-rumors-1289401

    All being said, feel free to share your thoughts about this upcoming platform, and what you expect from it.

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    Nintendo Switch Discussion Topic

    nintendo kinda f*cked me if they go ahead and kill off the wii u this early

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    Nintendo Switch Discussion Topic

    I would be upset about the Wii U. I have some good games for it like Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong Country 1,2, and 3, Super Mario Maker, Zombie U is not bad on Wii U. I just can't find time for it anymore. I'm so backlogged on PS4 games at the moment and its only getting heavier come tomorrow with the release of Uncharted 4. The straw that broke the camels back with me and the Wii U though really is the fact that my son plays his Xbox 360 more. I might get him back in it if I buy him a new game or something. But alot of those games we have for the Wii U is games that me and my wife loved as kids. But kids today are a little spoiled and some of those platformers just doesn't do it for them now like it did back in the day for us. I just got him the double pack with Batman Arkam Knight and Batman Arkam Asylum with all the DLC for both for $13 for Xbox 360 and he loves it.

    If Wii U had the third party support, I might be getting more games for the Wii U. But.......we know how this story ends. Even with NXX upcoming. If rumors are true whats under the hood of the NXX, probably waisted hardware if they don't pick up third party support.

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    Nintendo Switch Discussion Topic

    If it gets third party support, then I guess it's good for everyone in the long run, but its a shame the Wii U wasn't better explored.

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    Nintendo Switch Discussion Topic

    I'm hoping it's something great. Nintendo is the reason I'm into video games.

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