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Thread: Star Wars Battlefront

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    Star Wars Battlefront

    Does anybody here play in Star Wars Battlefront? How is gameplay for you?

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    Star Wars Battlefront

    Yeah same question for me! I still thinking about buying this game..

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    Star Wars Battlefront

    It’s like video game paintball in Star Wars cosplay.
    If you like the idea of a simple, accessible FPS in very convincing Star Wars clothing, you should probably give it a shot. It might not have legs, but I think it’s worth it just for how well it realises the atmosphere.

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    Star Wars Battlefront

    I really enjoy the game. Its easy to pick up, online gameplay is truly challenging, and the graphics are amazing. I wish there was some form of campaign and more offline game modes, but overall I am happy with my purchase. As a long time Star Wars fan it brings back a lot of nostalgia seeing all the origianal props and having the different music scores throughout the gameplay.

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    Star Wars Battlefront

    It’s fun in a really casual way. Lately the way I play it is as sort of a time waster, or as kind of a "come down" after playing Fallout for a long time. On PS4 it takes no time to hop in to a mutliplayer game so its really accessible when you have a couple minutes.
    I don’t find it as "deep" as Call of Duty (in terms of all the various perks, weapons, and various ways to play the game), but it is much less stressful to play haha. It’s great to play right before bed.

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