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Thread: Graphic capabilities: xb1 v ps4

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    Graphic capabilities: xb1 v ps4

    Which console has more graphic capabilities xb1 or ps4? I know that Xbox has cloud and dx12 coming out, and I know in some games ps has higher resolution. But I just wanted to know which has more potential in future. Because it's been widely known that Xbox built their system for the future. So in terms of things like anti-aliasing, better draw calls, better fps etc?
    thanks. And happy gaming on your Xbox or ps or nintendo

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    Graphic capabilities: xb1 v ps4

    I thought they used near identical cpu and gpus? I know the PS4 has 8GB DDR5 RAM and the XB1 has the identical number in DDR3, bot sure if that makes a significant impact.
    If graphic capability concerns you, you can build a more capable gaming pc for just a little bit more.
    tl:dr: There’s not much of a difference between the two.

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    Graphic capabilities: xb1 v ps4

    No, the PS4 has a stronger GPU. That’s why PS4 wins all the head-to-head shootouts. That said, the XB1 produces excellent looking games. It is just almost always slightly behind the PS4 in terms of graphics. Personally, I don’t think the difference is that great but I know to some it’s an issue.
    They do have identical CPU’s though MSFT overclocked theirs so that’s one advantage.

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    Graphic capabilities: xb1 v ps4

    My PS4 barely makes any noise except for powering on. The only thing that the Xbox One has over the PS4 is backwards compatibility, but that is what re-releases are for. Also the Dualshock is far superior to that thing Xbox uses.

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    Graphic capabilities: xb1 v ps4

    Yeah, I remember hearing about the thermal paste allowing the GPU to slide about on the original 360 model.

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