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Thread: OLED vs. 4K

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    OLED vs. 4K

    Hello everyone
    I'm currently searching for a new television. Other than watching TV, It'll be used for gaming as well - PC gaming... So my question is whether I should go with a OLED 1080p or a 4K LED?

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    OLED vs. 4K

    Buy any of the best 55+ inch ones from Sony or Samsung (avoid non oled LG tvs). Check out for good technical reviews and for gaming they measure the response time of the TV too.

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    OLED vs. 4K

    If you want to use a TV for PC gaming, expect a noticeable amount of display lag which could make some games rather unplayable. You’ll probably want to go for a Samsung, as those seem to have the lowest rates of display lag across the board for their current-year models while running in PC mode. OLED has great color reproduction for gaming, but those displays are a bit pricey compared to what you could spend today to get a good 4K LED TV

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    OLED vs. 4K

    You can get excellent LCD tv’s with localized backlight dimming and HDR support which could be a good enough alternative to OLED. That way you are more future proof considering it’s 4k as well.

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    OLED vs. 4K

    One year ago, I bought a 4K Sony XBR55850B television because the LG OLED was about $1,000 more for a 1080p of the same size. The Sony has amazing picture quality and great latency – especially in gaming mode – but oh how I WISH I had sprung for the OLED. Now, one year later, the OLED have come down even further in price making them comparable to what I spent on the 4K. No amount of local dimming and other features can reach the level of contrast that OLED gives you with per-pixel lighting. I’ve tweaked my TV to hell and back, but very dark scenes still have a grey wash to them due to the LED backlight. Once I pay off this TV (thank goodness for 0% financing), I fully intend to sell it and get an OLED instead. It makes a world of difference, especially for movies and television.

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