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Thread: Drive is not accessable

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    Drive is not accessable

    I have a Dell Latitude D610 and attempting to backup all user data onto DVDs before a clean install of windows, using an external memorex Mutli-Format DVD Recorder, model number MRX-550LE v1.

    Windows labels it D:/ even though the internal optical drive (DVD-Rom, CDRW) is labeled E:/.

    Thank you for any advice. Attached to this post, is screenshot's of Windows Easy Transfer wizard popup and drive not accessable popup.

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    Drive is not accessable

    Here is an update on my drive is not accessible dilema:

    I downloaded CDBurnerXP from and was able to backup to 5 disks (My documents folder and its contents).

    I am still getting a drive is not accessible popup when trying to burn to dvd through windows with out software.

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    Drive is not accessable

    I wouldn't worry about the letters assigned to drives - these occasionally change for no obvious reason whatsoever, or at least none I have ever found out.

    At least you got your data backed-up. The possibility exists that either (1) your DVD drive didn't like the type of disc you were using, or (2) your built in DVD drive has failed.

    DVDs come in four flavours :- -R; +R; -RW and +RW. Some, particularly older, drives cannot use all four varieties and if you were using one it couldn't use, you would get this message.

    It is also possible that your DVD drive has died, they can and do because the laser diode gives up. Now that you have CDBurner, it might be worth your while to see if you can burn one of these discs in the built in drive using that. I admit I have no experience of using the Windows burning software, I have always used 3rd Party applications.

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    Drive is not accessable

    Thank you for the quick reply. Does anyone know of how to do a fresh install of win xp professional?

    I have the dell OS reinstallation disk, but not sure of how to make a drivers disk(backup if dell os cd is missing any drivers).

    Thank you for any advice.

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    Drive is not accessable

    You can use a flash drive to download and save from Dell site the required chipset, video/audio and network drivers. If the optical drive is not working anymore, then you would need to replace it in order to perform a clean installation of Windows XP. Make sure that your product key is ready as the wizard would prompt you on the middle install process.

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