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Thread: Can I Merge 2 Dropbox Accounts on My Laptop?

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    Can I Merge 2 Dropbox Accounts on My Laptop?

    I currently have 3 devices in question:
    1) An iPod Touch 4g with a Dropbox under my Yahoo mail account
    2) A Samsung Galaxy J7 phone with a Dropbox under my Gmail account
    3) An HP laptop with an icon that leads to the Dropbox at the Gmail account + a bookmark that leads to the Dropbox at my Yahoo account.

    I can only have one Dropbox icon on my laptop at a time and that's dedicated to the Gmail account. Is there a way I can merge the two such that both end up under the Gmail account? Thanks.

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    Can I Merge 2 Dropbox Accounts on My Laptop?

    I too have a Dropbox account but I don't even have a bookmark for it, I just type '' into the address bar and then log in.

    I am not sure that I am undertanding you correctly - you have two Dropbox accounts, one with a gmail log-in and the other with a yahoo log-in. Are you wanting to merge these two accounts into one or are you trying to to create an icon that will allow you to access either ?

    I think the only way to merge the two into one account would be to download the the content from the yahoo account and then upload it to the gmail one. If you are wanting to go to either account by clicking on the one Dropbox icon I don't think this is possible. You could try renaming your present icon say 'Gmail Dropbox' and then trying to create another icon called 'Yahoo Dropbox'. I know this works for icons, i have just done it on my desktop for a small application. Worth a try.

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    Can I Merge 2 Dropbox Accounts on My Laptop?

    Thanks for your response. Yes, that was what I wanted to do: Merge the two accounts such that the content of both would be contained in the one for the Gmail account, but I'm not sure how to do it. I guess I was looking for a way to upload the contents of the Yahoo Dropbox into the Gmail Dropbox in one simple move in lieu of uploading each item separately. By the way, in the Dropbox for my iPod, which is the one with the Yahoo address, I don't see a way to upload everything, or anything for that matter, to the other Dropbox.
    So, I guess what I'm asking for is a way to upload everything from the Dropbox in my iPod, in one move, to the Dropbox with the Gmail address, such that I could have all of the info from the two Dropboxes on my laptop in one Dropbox under the Gmail address.
    I apologize for making this overly wordy and complicated. Thanks again for your assistance.

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    Can I Merge 2 Dropbox Accounts on My Laptop?

    I am not an expert on how Dropbox works, I just use it primarily for sharing large files, but have you considered either searching their FAQs or even contacting their support?

    One thing you might need to look out for is that at the moment you get up to 2GB free storage on Dropbox, if you go beyond this you pay. Of course if both your accounts are beyond the 2GB limit then you are paying anyway and it would make sense to have only one account.

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    Can I Merge 2 Dropbox Accounts on My Laptop?

    Thanks. I clicked on the link and bookmarked the page. I will apply its instructions tomorrow but, in briefly scanning it, it seems to be what I'm looking for. Thanks again and I'll be back to either announce success or ask more questions.

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