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Thread: HTML Tools extention for Komodo X

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    HTML Tools extention for Komodo X

    Is HTML Tools extention available for Komodo X? It works fine in Komodo 9.

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    HTML Tools extention for Komodo X

    I don't believe it does work on Komodo 10, least not without jumping through some hoops. That said@babobski maintains a similar addon that you may find interesting.

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    HTML Tools extention for Komodo X

    Yes, I know this addon, I installed it even for Komodo 9, but never used it
    The HTML Tools were fine in IMG tag for example, because it allow to select image via "Browse" button without manual typing of the path and some more fine features.

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    HTML Tools extention for Komodo X

    The HTML Tools extension included a bunch of different tools:

    • Convert Selected Text to HTML Structure
    • Convert Text to Paragraphs & Elements
    • Convert Text to Unordered, Ordered & Definition Lists
    • Conver Text to Tables
    • Insert a Local Image
    • Convert Text to HTML Anchors
    • Wrap Selected Text inside an HTML Container Element
    • Insert HTML Element
    • Insert a CSS Link or JavaScript Link
    • Insert an Anchor
    • Convert Selected Text
    • Convert Text to HTML Entities
    • Convert “straight” quotes to “smart” quotes
    • Convert text to a JavaScript Array Literal
    • Convert CSS Colour betwen RGB & #rrggbb notation
    • Document
    • Fix Tabs & UTF 8 settings
    • Convert Document to HTML5
    • Simple CSS Pre-Processor
    • Generate HTML Structure from Indented Text
    • Use HTML File as a Template
    • Beautify (thanks to
    • Beautify JavaScript
    • Beautify HTML
    • Beautify CSS

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    HTML Tools extention for Komodo X

    Working fine with any paths, with CSS URLs also. Thanks for this note.
    Looks like you answered all my questions, thanks again.
    BTW, only one small problem. The relative includes icon is missing. Can I fix this?

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