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Thread: KIS ans IPv6

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    KIS ans IPv6

    I had this issue before with KAV. In the past when I had KAV installed I was not able to ping ipv6 adresses.
    The fix for me at that moment was to disable KLWFP driver because I was not using KIS features...
    Anyway two years further I decided to hop from KAV to KIS and I'm just facing the same problems...

    When KIS is installed I can not ping any IPv6 address?
    The only way to get it work is to remove KIS completely from my system.

    I contacted support about this but four weeks later we are getting nowhere...

    The question is.. While icmp is the first thing you do when you have some network issues .. Why is it blocked by KIS?
    I mean IPV6 is preferred protocol when configured and enabled on the network.

    Am I the only one with this issue?

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    KIS ans IPv6

    Please pass your mouse cursor over the red K tray icon and tell us the full, complete version number of your Kaspersky product.

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    KIS ans IPv6

    The version is the latest I think )

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    KIS ans IPv6

    If this issue is not readily resolvable, please contact Tech Support:

    Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request:

    a. Description of the issue.
    b. Screenshot, as needed.
    c. GSI

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    KIS ans IPv6

    As I mentioned I did that we are four weeks further and we getting nowhere...

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