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Thread: Want to play/buy VR but im trapped in...

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    Want to play/buy VR but im trapped in...

    Im a Mexican Tech enthusiast and I really want to get into the VR world. I have the latest in Apple (yeah, 7 plus jet black) a new MacBook Pro an Xbox One and a Nintendo Wii U looking forward to the Nintendo NX
    In the ecosystem I live its impossible to get into VR without investing a huge amount of money.
    Any thoughts?

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    Want to play/buy VR but im trapped in...

    Probably not.
    Wii U and NX don’t seem to support VR anytime soon and if the Xbox is going to get VR it probably wont be the One (Scorpio most likely.)
    And you have an underpowered for 2016 and definitely for VR MacBook Pro.
    Best chance? PS4 with VR.
    Come November it should only be $900.

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    Want to play/buy VR but im trapped in...

    Yeah, seems like your best bet would have to be new hardware, PS4 Pro + PSVR probably being the most accessible. And I say the Pro because it’s likely what you need to get PS4-like visuals in PSVR, right now PS4 games on it are very simple.
    I thought there was some Oculus talk for Xbox, but probably only the Scorpio.
    Apple, I’m really hoping does a Daydream answer…But they need higher res displays first. Cardboard looked like a 90s CRT TV on my 6S.
    You could probably scratch the itch a tad with cardboard on your 7 Plus though, being a bit better than the 7/6S resolution.

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    Want to play/buy VR but im trapped in...

    Unless you absolutely need the portableness of the Macbook, I would sell that along with the Xbox one. That will easily net you enough for the $800 Vive + $499 PC + some games. That’s really your only good option. Other than that, you can wait till december 2017 when the Xbox One Scorpio comes out and I’d bet my left nut that the Oculus Rift will be supported. But that will still cost you $600 for Rift + $200 for Touch + (probably)$499 for the Xbox One Scorpio. So you’re in the same boat.
    You’re right you’re kind of screwed right now because Apple and Xbox are most likely jumping into VR in 2017 or 2018. So either wait or move ecosystems to one that accommodates your needs. But then waiting till 2018 will get you a much cheaper and better PC, and possibly gen 2 headsets (No guarantees)

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    Want to play/buy VR but im trapped in...

    Yeah, my other bet will be to sell my xbox one with all the games and buy a PS4 Pro with the PSVR. (I need the Macbook for work)

    Thanks for the comments and Im sure they are a lot of people in the same position I am!

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