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Thread: CD RW+ DVD R Drive not working in Windows 8

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    CD RW+ DVD R Drive not working in Windows 8

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1721 with Windows 8 (I Upgraded it from XP) and the cdrw dvd drive is not recognized by the system i checked device manager but the cd rw dvd drive is not showing up it has power to it but is there a driver for it? I need it working so i can install Windows Longhorn Build 4074 or Windows Whistler or Windows 8 Beta so it will be easy on my cpu and physical memory usage PLZ Help!

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    CD RW+ DVD R Drive not working in Windows 8

    If you go bak into 'Device manager' and click 'View' then 'Show hidden devices' does it show up ? If it does, click on the entry 'DVD/CD ROM drives', double click on the name of your drive and then select 'Drivers' from the gray pop-up box.

    At the bottom of the 'Driver' page you will see 'Uninstall'. Click this and follow through a couple of warnings, accepting them, and delete the drivers. Then re-boot. Windows should automatically install fresh drivers for this device, and it should then show up and work.

    If it doesn't, you may have corrupt driver files in which case run SFC /SCANNOW which will attempt to repair any faulty Windows files. To do this -

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    CD RW+ DVD R Drive not working in Windows 8

    Press 'Win Key + X'. This will bring up a menu in which you should see 'Command (Administrator) and click on this. (It is possible you will only see 'Command' in which case RIGHT click on it and then select 'Run as administrator'). This will bring up a black screen with white text. type SFC /SCANNOW (note the space SFC and the /) then press 'Enter', then go and make yourself a coffee or pour a beer. It can take up to about 20 minutes to finish but do NOT interrupt it. When it is finished it will say if it fixed problems or not. Then re-boot and see if your missing drive shows up.

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    CD RW+ DVD R Drive not working in Windows 8

    Hmmm very nice, crystal clear and concise help, the more I read in here the more I appreciate this site/forum. Two bits.... for what its worth, also not good to play with virtual drives/ghost/clone toys as I know because for a while some of my peripherals didn't know what they were after a reboot. Curious, what does title edited to add negative mean?

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    Please don't ask questions or make comments in a thread where help is being offered to another member.

    It's not very polite

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